Akiko Katayama is a food writer and Forbes.com columnist based in New York City, and the host and producer of "JAPAN EATS!" , a weekly radio show and podcast on Heritage Radio Network, which introduces Japanese food culture to a global audience.   http://heritageradionetwork.org/series/japan-eats/.   She is a board member of Heritage Radio Network as the Host Representative.  She is also a director of the non-profit organization The New York Japanese Culinary Academy, which promotes a deeper understanding of Japanese cuisine in the US.  

Akiko has worked as culinary advisor to the Japanese government and consulted for companies in the food & beverage industry.  She also has served as a culinary judge on Food Network’s Iron Chef America multiple times and on Netflix Original The Final Table.

She holds an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business, an MSc from London School of Economics & Political Science and a Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Advanced Certificate with Distinction. 



ニューヨーク在住ジャーナリスト、英語版 Forbes.com コラムニスト。飲食業界に関するトピックを広くカバーする。100万人の聴衆を持つニューヨークのラジオ局「ヘリテージ・レディオ・ネットワーク」における、和食文化の価値を世界に伝える番組「JAPAN EATS!」ホスト兼プロデューサー。米国での和食への理解を深めることを目的とする非営利団体「ニューヨーク・ジャパニーズ・カリナリー・アカデミー」理事。「ヘリテージ・レディオ・ネットワーク」役員会ホスト代表役員。日米飲食ビジネスへのコンサルティングや調査、伝統食品生産者の対米進出の支援活動も展開。米国版 "料理の鉄人" Iron Chef America、Netflix Original The Final Table 審査員。英国London School of Economics & Political Science修士課程、New York University Stern School of Business MBA修了。ワイン&スピリッツ国際認定資格WSET 上級保有。

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